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Love Thy Neighbor

By Edwardo Danton

A storm rolled in through the canyon and in just a few moments time angry black clouds covered the entire town. Lightning danced between various clouds as if Thor was angrily fighting a great battle with Aeolus. Suddenly a great bolt of lightning glanced off of Aeolus’s shield and struck the earth with such magnificent power that it shook the entire state of Tennessee. The wind lowered from the clouds to kiss the tips of the tree tops. Branches started to snap and pop as limbs began to break under Aeolus’s rage. As the winds slowly lowered toward the ground, a large black walnut tree behind my home was uprooted and came crashing down on the west end of my roof. The roof was a puny structure; no match for the black walnut tree and collapsed with a horrible crash.

My wife and I had been lying in bed wondering if the storm was going to get worse or just pass as it had so many times before. But it wasn’t meant to be on this night. We bolted upright in bed when we heard the west end of the house collapse and ran to investigate. The destruction was mind bending. We stood silently staring at what was left of that end of our home and saw only the fell tree laying there in its stead. There was no power, no lights and a powerful wind blasting into the opening around the tree branches. I ran to the kitchen cabinet and opened a drawer that contained a halogen flash light. I turned it on and grabbed for my wife’s hand.

“We’ve gotta get outa here” I screamed over the sound of the wind as I pulled her toward the back door of our home. “Let’s get out to the storm shelter.”

As we stepped outside, the rain started to pelt us, as it was driven by the wind. It stung our skin as we ran for the shelter opening, 50 feet away from the house. “Come on Tracy, hurry” She was still wearing her evening attire which consisted of a shear black teddy and nothing else. My pajama bottoms were thin, and I started to wish I had grabbed the top as well. The rain was cold and before we could get to the opening of the shelter, we were both completely soaked. I pulled open the door, holding it open for Tracy and she began descending the latter that lead down into the subterraneous shelter. I had installed this shelter only three months ago, due to the recent increase in storm activity in this region. It was simply an overseas shipping container that carried products from China to the United States. It cost them more to send them back empty then it was worth, so they were being sold here in the States for about $2000.00.

I simply dug a hole in the back of my property and buried it. Then I built an entry way with a ladder to get into it. Later I added a kitchen, beds and entertainment center. I stocked it with food and water and a twelve volt power system that ran on four car batteries. They were kept charged by a single solar panel. We could stay in that shelter comfortably for nearly a week if need be. We were the first people in the neighborhood to have a storm shelter, and tonight we were thankful that we had it.

Just as Tracy had gotten down from the latter, a gust of wind grabbed the door and slammed it closed. Thank God it happened when it did. If it had hit her on top of the head it could have killed her. I had to struggle for a while to get it back open, but finally, I got it open and slipped inside myself. “That’s something I will have to fix later.” I thought.

Once we were inside we clicked on one of the twelve volt lights. It was eerily silent. There was no sound whatever coming from the storm. We were in our own little sanctuary, safe and snug.

Tracy stood shivering, dripping wet, and cold. She had both hands up to her face, feet together and her wet teddy was now completely see through.

I grabbed a blanket off the shelf and wrapped it around her shoulders as I pulled her close to me. I held her close until she stopped shivering. She opened her blanket, holding one corner in each hand and wrapped her arms around me and pulling the blanket around me at the same time. She looked up at me, searching my eyes for a little reassurance. “Our home was just destroyed.” She said with a quiver in her voice.

“Don’t worry darlin, our homeowners insurance will take care of rebuilding it, but we will need to stay in a hotel for a few weeks.”

“Do you think we are going to be hit by a tornado?” she asked

“It’s hard to say at this point. The weather radio’s in one of the cabinets in the rear of the shelter. Let’s get it out and turn it on, maybe we can get an up to date report.”

“In a few minutes dear,” She said. “For now, just hold me; I need your reassurance.”

I pulled her closer and said, “Sweetheart, let’s get out of these wet clothes and get dried off. Then we can climb into bed and use each other’s body heat to get warm. “

She dropped the blanket and I pulled the shoulder straps of her teddy off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor. She stepped out to the side and kicked her teddy toward the wall. In the dim twelve volt light her wet skin glowed softly and the cold had caused the nipples of her beautiful breasts to protrude magnificently. I followed suit, dropping my pajama pants to the floor and kicked them away. Grabbing a large terry cloth towel from the shelving I began drying her body. Wrapping the towel around her I stroked her hair, neck and shoulders. I couldn’t help getting excited by her beauty and after I finished using this soft towel to caress her entire body, she returned the favor. She started with my wet hair and worked her way down to my toes. While she was on her knees she caressed me in her special way, bringing me to full excitement. After a few moments, I gently coxed her to her feet and led her to a cot at the rear of the shelter. I pulled back the blankets and we slipped in-between the sheets. We lay there on our sides, her back against my chest. We fit together like two spoons, and soon the chill passed and our breathings become steady and even.

“Stan, I love you.” She said as she wiggled and snuggled close against me. “You always make me feel so safe.”

Laying there with Tracy, both of us completely naked, and her wiggling against me, started to arouse me and I felt my body begin to respond to her.

“What’s that I feel back there?” she giggled. “Are you thinking of taking advantage of me”? and she pushed her buttocks back against my crotch.

“It’s just part of the survival plan darlin. I have to help keep you warm and stimulated ya know.”

“Feels like you’re the one who’s stimulated.” And she chuckled again, as she pushed against me. I wrapped my arms around her and we fed each other’s passion for several minutes.

These cots were designed for one person, and I gently eased myself up over her with my legs straddling hers. I was up on my forearms in an effort to keep the bulk of my weight from crushing her, but still her beautiful breasts were pressed against my chest. I lowered my head and pressed my lips against her open mouth and she met my kiss with an eagerness that screamed “take me”. She could feel my swollen manhood trapped between us and started to gently ungulate, pressing her pelvis firmly against me, then pulling back. I gently placed my right leg between hers and she moved her left leg out to the edge of the cot. Then I followed suit with my left leg, positioning myself between her legs with my swollen cock positioned perfectly to slip in between her moist lips. I pulled my mouth away from hers and started nibbling on her ear and side of her neck. Gently sucking and nibbling along her neck and shoulder, I worked my way down to her breasts and licked and sucked all over her entire breast and then pulled her firm nipple into my mouth. After giving both breasts equal attention, I started down the sides of her rib cage until reaching her hips. I reach up with both hands and played with her perky breasts as my mouth meanders over to her navel and eventually to her other hip. Kissing and nibbling my way down to her love nest until my mouth was poised to give her great pleasure. Removing my hands from her breasts, I place my hands under her legs and spread her legs wide apart pressing her knees up toward her chest.

She is completely exposed now, with her pussy completely open, wet and begging me to slid my mouth up and down her waiting wetness. I start licking her clitoris running my tongue around it in circles and felt it grow larger and firmer. I gently suck it in between my lips and into my mouth, holding it there by shear suction while I rub it with my tongue. She moans with pleasure and I know that she is nearing an orgasm. I release her clit and begin sliding my tongue up and down the length of her slot, slipping a finger inside her in search of her G spot. She began moaning softly and I knew she was getting close to a climax so I paused for a moment keeping her from reaching an orgasm.

“What are you doing?” She said “I was almost there.”

“I know. I’ll bring you close two or three times before I let you reach it, that way when you finally do, it will be a much stronger orgasm.

Finally I brought my body up over hers, positioning the head of my cock against her wet pussy. I press in only slightly; wetting the head of my cock, and then withdrawing. Then again, a little deeper, slowly lubricating the skin of my cock with her wet juice; finally a full penetration and then hold. After a moment, I begin stroking my cock in and out of her pussy ever so slowly, letting my cock massage her pussy, picking up that pace as she expresses the desire.

She was moaning and pumping and begging for more, “Please Stan, harder, fuck me harder. I’m almost there, it’s Cuming, ohhhh yesssssss!

I slid my cock into her pussy as deeply as I could and held the pressure there as I felt her hot pussy pulsate around my cock. Then I exploded in orgasm myself as I felt my cock pump her pussy full of cum, spurt after spurt until I was drained.

We laid there for sever moments enjoying the wonderful sensation of our coupled bodies. Then I slowly withdrew my now limp cock from her cum filled hot pussy. For a few moments we both just laid there exhausted.

That was great she said, can we do it again later on?

“Bang bang bang” on the steel door. I could hear someone hollering, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying.

I pulled on my wet PJ bottoms and Tracy pulled the covers over herself and I turned on the security monitor. I had mounted a TV camera outside so we could see what the weather was like. I picked it up from a Camp World RV shop. They use them for “back up camas” and because they work on 12 volts, they are perfect for my little set up.

The monitor finally warmed up and I could see our neighbors, Sue and Todd standing at the entrance wearing nothing but their under pants. The wind was so strong they were having trouble standing in one place. I opened the door and without hesitation, they descended the latter. It was all Todd and I could do to pull the door closed again, the wind had gotten much worse.

He was in his sixties and his sue was in her mid to late twenties. She was trying to cover her perky little breasts and just like we had experienced, their wet clothes were now see through. I grabbed the only other blanket we had off the shelf and offered it to them to share. They were shivering cold and had a few small cuts over their bodies.

“Our house was taken by a tornado.” Todd said. “Can we hunker down here with you until the storm passes?”

“Sure you can Todd. Of course we only stocked this place for the two of us, but we’ll share what we have. We have more than enough food, but not much in the way of blankets and towels. “

“No problem” Sue said. “We’re just grateful to be allowed to get away from that storm.”

“Nor can we offer you any privacy, we never figured on this type of situation. “

“Well we’re not the shy type anyway.” Sue said and slowly began to drop her arms to her sides

The blanket was too small to cover them completely and it was obvious that modesty was useless in here. Her breasts were completely exposed and you could see through their thin under pants. They may well have been wearing nothing at all.

“We need to get you two dried off” I said and offered them the only remaining towel. They both striped down and began drying each other off.

Todd was well endowed and I couldn’t help but teas him to lighten the mood a bit and said, “Damn Todd, you sure you don’t have a little black in you background.”

He seemed genuinely embarrassed, but Sue piped up right away and said “Why the hell do you think I married him? He’s hung like King Kong.

Tracy felt sorry for the young girl standing there in front of strangers completely naked, so to set her and her husband at ease, she tossed back the blanket and walked to the front of the shelter. I think she really just wanted to get a good look at Todd after she heard our comments about him.

“Well neighbors,” she announced as she approached in her nudeness. “Looks like we are all in the buff except for my hubby.” Her eyes kept glancing at Todd’s member, though I think she was trying to be discreet.

Now I was the odd man out, and felt somewhat embarrassed. So I dropped my wet PJs again and kicked them off to the side. “There, ya happy now?” I asked Tracy, not really expecting a reply. Sues eyes went straight for my cock, with no attempt at being discreet what so ever.

Sue just licked her lips and said “Not bad, Not bad at all.”

I couldn’t help it; I looked down and noticed that I was still quite swollen from making love only moments ago. It made me appear much larger than I was.

“Oh no, you don’t understand.” I said “that’s not, that is it’s” Oh hell I though, let them think what they want. Why spoil a good moment.

Tracy started laughing and said, “What he’s trying to say is that we just made love, so he’s still swollen. He’s normally a lot smaller.”

“You didn’t have to tell on me.” I said, now turning red.

“It will become obvious in 20 minutes anyhow darlin.” Tracy said.

“Still!”I said “

Sue said, “Well, they say it’s not how big it is. It’s how you use it.”

“Oh, he’s quite skilled.” Tracy chimed in. “He never fails to get me off multiple times.”

“Really, multiple times?” Sue asked as she stepped a little closer to Tracy. “I thought that was an old wives tale. Is it really possible? How do you do it?”

“I don’t” Tracy said, “He does it, I just enjoy it.”

“Oh my, Todd, you better start taking lessons from her husband.”

“Well I always thought that a man built like your husband could satisfy a woman even better” Tracy said as she starred at Todd’s cock. “I’ve always heard that size really does counts.”

“Don’t get me wrong” Sue said. “Todd makes me orgasm every time; But only once.

“Maybe we should work out an experiment allowing us to experience both” Sue said.

I felt like Todd and I were mules being traded. The women acted like we weren’t even there; like it mattered not what we thought.

Tracy smiled at Sue, “Do you think? I would love to know what it feels like to be penetrated by such a large cock. I bet when you finally cum it would be an unending climax that just goes on and on.”

Sue giggled and said “and I would love to finally experience multiple orgasms, one after another after another. I’m sure it would be sublime.”

Priapus must have been listening to these two women plot their sexual escapade because as their men listened to what was being planned they both started to become aroused; only a little at first but even more as the women continued to openly speak about it. It became obvious the men were enjoying this fantasy as much as the women were.

“I’m quite sure that your husband’s cock will raise to the occasion,” and with no more than a how do you do she reached out mid-sentence and caressed my already swelling cock. “And I would welcome the chance to experience several orgasms.”

Her warm silky smooth hand stroked my swollen member only a time a two when Tracylooked behind Sue to take a look at Todd’s swelling cock. “My goodness, look at that huge member” and reached out with her left hand to cradle his cock in her hand. Using her right hand she cradled his balls. Then without hesitation Tracy was on her knees and began running her tongue up and down the length of his swollen member. Todd was as surprised as I was I suppose. I had never seen my wife with another man before but I didn’t have long to think about it because my own cock was being stroked by Sue, who followed Tracy’s lead. She dropped to her knees and took the entire length of my cock into her mouth. It had to have slid down her throat I thought, as she began to suck my cock in and out of her mouth. Because I had just finished fucking my wife only minutes ago, it took a while for sue to get me completely hard and to full length, but she was relentless in her efforts. She was quite skillful and once I had a hard erection, I heard her say, “Not bad, not bad at all.”

While this was going on, I saw Tracy slip the head of Todd’s cock into her mouth. She attempted to take his cock into her mouth, but to no avail, he was just too huge. The best she could do was to get the head and about two inches in before I heard her gag; and he was still getting bigger and more erect. “Elephant man” I thought. “If he slips that huge cock into my beloved wife he’ll split her open.”

These women seemed to be in their own little world, and never so much as ask us men if we wanted to go along with this or not. Sue stopped what she had been doing to me and stood up. She put her arms around my neck and practically leapt off the floor and wrapped her legs around my waist. My cock was now cradled length wise along her sopping wet pussy. She began pumping to and fro, sliding her cunt along the shaft of my cock. Each time she pulled back I felt the head of my cock poised at the entrance of her vaginal opening, but because she was setting on the length of my cock, the angle was wrong. She was just teasing me and was letting my cock slide along her clit with each stroke. When she slid toward me, my cock would poke out past her ass cheeks and when she pulled away from me, the head of my cock was at her vaginal opening. Finally, she lifted her body high enough to allow my now throbbing cock to make entrance, and I felt the head of my cock slip in between her wet pussy lips. She hesitated only for a moment, and then slid down on me until my cock had penetrated her completely.

Meanwhile Tracy was eager to see what Todd huge cock would feel like. She had taken him back to the cot we had just made love on and had him lay on his back. She wanted full control of this large member, so that she could take as much or as little as she could stand. She straddled Todd by placing a knee on either side of him. She took his cock in her right and pushed it between her legs and began slipping the head of his cock back and forth along her wet pussy slot, over her clit, past her vaginal opening and back to her ass. Then back again to just in front of her clit. After doing this a few times in order to get his cock well lubricated, she began rapidly rubbing his cock head over her clit, bringing herself to a higher level of intense heat. When she stopped, she had the head of his cock poised at the opening of her swollen cunt and slowly began setting down on it. She felt her pussy begin to stretch to allow this cock to penetrate her and once she had the head in, I heard her moan with enormous pleasure. She slid it back out of her, then immediately slipped it back in. Again she moaned a deep throated guttural sound of pleasure. Then I saw her slid his cock into her wet hot cunt at least half of its entire length. Her head went back as she looked up toward the ceiling and her mouth was open, but only a gasp could be heard. She slid up off his cock completely, though only for a moment, and then slid back on it again, impaling herself with a good three quarters of its length. She paused for several moments and began angulating in a sort of circular motion, as if she wanted to feel the entire inside of her pussy enjoy the head of his cock as it explored her every crevasse. I heard Todd moan and then Tracy pulled off his cock again. His cock was glistening with her lubricant and slid back into my Tracy again, full length this time. He reached up and began caressing her beautiful breasts, gently pinching her nipples as she did her little circular dance on his cock again. Each nipple was standing out farther than I had ever seen before, and she started to moan with a regular pattern that I was quite familiar with. She was about to reach a massive orgasm.

“Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yes” she screamed as she continued to ride his magnificent cock, squirming this way and that. She tried to continue pumping his cock, but it seemed more like she was having a convulsion of pleasure. She had reached a strong orgasm.Todd put his hands on her waist and lifter her off his cock and with little Ta- do at all, swung her down onto her back under him. He wanted to ride her on his terms now, and he placed one arm under each of her legs, placing them on his shoulders. He grabbed his cock and guided it to the entrance of her wet pussy and slipped it in with one long stroke. I heard her gasp with a renewed sense of pleasure. With her legs up high like this, Todd could penetrate her to new and greater depths. Then he began to slowly stroke his huge cock in and out of her pussy with full length strokes, each time pulling out completely save the tip of the head of his cock. Then he would slide in in again. His slow rhythmic pumping continued for several minutes until Tracy started to moan and began to pump back at him. When she was matching him stroke for stroke and moaning with each stroke, he picked up the pace, a little at first than faster. I could tell she was getting closer to another orgasm, and Todd must have sensed it as well. He wasn’t going to let her cum alone this time and so he stopped at full penetration for a few moments to allow her to cool down, allowing her to avoid Cuming at this time. Then he put her legs down on the cot and without pulling his cock out of her, he pushed her legs together, between his own. This caused her cunt to squeeze his cock, creating more friction and then he began pumping his cock in and out of her hot pussy. It also caused his big cock to be rubbing her clit each time he made full penetration. Soon Tracy was moaning again and Todd picked up the pace as well. The angle of penetration was completely different now, and the extra friction brought Todd to a massive, heart stopping orgasm. Tracy felt his cock begin pulsing as his cum began pumping into her eager cunt and he began loudly groaning as he came. It was enough to send Tracy over the edge and her pussy began to convulse and twitch and she too reach a huge orgasm. They had cum together and then both of them lay limply in each other’s arms.

Meanwhile, Sue had been bouncing up and down on my hard cock and at the same time, had been watching her husband fuck my wife. When she saw her husband getting ridden by Tracy and sensed Tracy’s first orgasm, I heard her whisper, “That’s it girl, you won’t get more than one orgasm from him. I was getting close to Cuming myself, but I didn’t get the impression that Sue was. She seemed too pre-occupied with Todd and Tracy’s activities. So I swung her around and sat her on the sink counter top. I slipped my swollen cock out of her pussy and dropped to my knees. I pushed her legs apart and started gently nibbling on the insides of her thighs, working my way closer to her cunt until I had my tongue sliding up and down her pussy slot. I started licking her clit and slid two fingers inside her with my palm facing upward. By curving my fingers up and toward the front of her body I found her G-spot and began to massage it vigorously. I heard her moan and felt her wrap her legs around my shoulders. I knew that I had gotten her attention. After only two or three minutes, I heard her let out a guttural groan and felt her body start to quiver. Her pussy started to convulse and much to my surprise, she started to squirt a strong stream of clear fluid all over me. I had read about female orgasms that could be that strong, but had never experienced it myself. Her head slammed back against the wall as her body stiffened out and it was all I could do to keep her from sliding off the counter top.

“Son of a bitch,” she screamed. “What the hell was that?” Apparently she had never reached an orgasm that strong, and had never squirted before either.

“Oh Stan, I’m so sorry, I have no idea what I did. I feel like I just urinated all over you. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Not at all,” I said “That’s not urine at all. It’s vaginal fluid that women release during their strongest orgasms. It’s just a clear fluid.”

I stood up and slid my cock back into her now sensitive pussy. She was done, and didn’t want any more sex for a while, but I reminded her that she wanted to know what it was like to reach multiple orgasms, and she agreed to submit. I began stroking her cunt with my still eager cock, slowly and gently with respect for her overly sensitive state. After a few minutes, I picked her up and laid her on the carpeted floor with our head pointing toward the cot Tracy and Todd were on so I could watch their activities at the same time I was fucking Sue. I slid down between her legs and started eating her out again until I could tell she was getting hot and eager again. Then I moved up to mount her once again, sliding my throbbing cock head over her clit several times, and then slipping the head only, into her now eager pussy.

Then I pulled out completely and pushed in again, but a little farther. Each stroke I gave her a little more and when I finally slid my cock all the way inside her, I changed my angle of penetration. I moved my right leg to the outside of hers. This enabled me to slide my cock into her pussy at an extreme angle to her right side. That put pressure on the left side of my cock head but more importantly, it put pressure on the side of her vaginal wall. At the same time, I moved my entire body up higher on hers so the shaft of my cock was rubbing firmly against her clit with each stroke. The angle placed a strong friction between my cock and the inside of her hot pussy like she had never felt before. She exploded in orgasm in only 2 minutes. Then I quickly turned my body in the opposite direction, placing my right leg in between her legs with my left leg to the outside. Now my cock to rubbing the left side of her vaginal wall and again I lifted myself to apply pressure to her clit with every stroke and in only a few short minutes she was groaning and screaming in orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh my, I had no idea what I was missing” she whispered.

“Now put both of your legs between mine.” I told her “It’s my turn”.

She did, and I felt her pussy squeeze my swollen cock and I started pumping my cock into her wet slippery pussy. I lifted my body once again applying pressure against her clit with the shaft of my cock.

I started slowly at first until I heard her breathing get faster and then came her groans. I picked up the pace, aiming to cum myself and concentrated on bringing on a massive orgasm, hopefully at the same time that she comes. I wanted to fill her hot pussy with my sperm, to feel her pussy convulse around my cock as she milked my cock for every last drop. I pumped my cock faster and faster and felt my balls slapping against her ass with each stroke. She reached up with both hands to pull my head down and kissed me pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I felt her pussy start to convulse and she groaned in my mouth as she reached another orgasm. It was enough to bring me to a full blown orgasm and I started squirting over and over again. I filled her with my hot juice and could feel it overflowing out of her pussy as it ran down her butt cheeks.

We both collapsed in each other’s’ arms, and when we finally looked up we saw Tracy and Todd setting on the side of the cot watching us. They had smiles on their faces and were leaning on each other, Todd’s arm around Tracy.

“Can we do this again sometime?” Tracy said.

Todd just smiled.

‘I wonder what the storm is doing?” I said, not really expecting anyone to comment. I slowly slid my cock out of Sue’s slick hot pussy while I stole a quick suck of her perky nipples. Then I was up and walked to the entrance where the monitor was. The storm had slowed down considerably but was still more than I wanted to deal with.

“It’s still pretty bad out there, “I announced. “Besides, our home isn’t livable with that a tree in it.

“Don’t feel bad “Todd said. “Our home is mostly gone; the tornado took it to who knows where. For now, we’re homeless.”

“Well we can all just stay in here tonight,” Tracy said “At lease we’re safe in here and we have plenty to eat and drink.”

“Sure, and the entertainment is awesome” sue chimed in as she put her hand on my thigh.

“Let’s call it a night then.” Tracy said “we’ll take this cot.” And she pulled Todd down next to her as they snuggled in spoon fashion.

I could tell we weren’t going to get much sleep tonight.

Once our respective insurance companies had our homes rebuilt, we were going to have some great times with our new friends.”

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